Tourmaline is known since ancient times as a semi-precious gemstone, which was first discovered in Sri Lanka in 1703.  It is naturally-occurring mineral having natural shine and transparency of its own and comes in different colours (black, red, pink, blue, brown, purple, yellow, green, amber, transparent as well as translucent) and various shapes. The deposits of Tourmaline are found in Brazil, Pakistan, America, Africa, & Afghanistan.

It was named as “Electronic Stone” by Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), Swedish botanist and physician, because of its unique property of generating electricity (emitting negative ions). The unique piezoelectric property of this mineral which aids to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress, makes Tourmaline responsible for many beneficial¬†health effects.

Basic Healing Benefits of Tourmaline:

The Herbo-Mineral Preparation (BHASHMA) of Tourmaline:

Tourmaline Bhasma, the nano-sized powder made by the calcinations of the mineral, is an Ayurvedic medicinal preparation which is used in the treatment of ailments like anemia, ascites, fever, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes etc. Whereas Tourmaline Bhasma is excellent anti-aging medicine, it also enhances immunity, physical strength as well as skin complexion. It is believed that the negative ion generating properties are enhanced when it is made into Bhasma and this excellence aids Tourmaline to generate Negative ions and Far-Infrared Rays. These unique electrical and magnetic properties of Tourmaline have positive effect and healing benefits on the human body.

Health Benefits of Tourmaline

  • The hydrophilic property of Tourmaline granules provides affinity for attracting or absorbing water and is also very effective in improving blood circulation within the body.
  • Also its negative ion emitting property has holistic healing benefits on the mind and body depending upon the colour of the gemstone used.
  • Another healing benefit of Tourmaline is that it upsurges mental alertness and self-confidence, improves resistance to stress and also strengthens one’s psychic energy.
  • The far infrared releasing property (FIR) of Tourmaline is utilized to keep warm and to melt snow, especially in areas affected by heavy snowfall.
  • Tourmaline also has anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects which also enhance its absorption by certain materials.
  • The bristles of the toothbrush coated with tourmaline nanoparticles are suitable for the total gum and oral cavity protection and prevention of periodontitis.
  • In ancient times, black tourmaline was used to deflect negative energy and enhance immunity. It has since been used for treating anxiety, nervous disorders, adrenal gland disorders, kidney diseases and heart problems.
  • Tourmaline nano-particles kill bacteria and maintain freshness by removing foul smell and also its surfactant property enhances cleanliness effectively. Therefore, the Joy of Life Lifestyle Wellness Garments which are essentially encapsulated with Tourmaline can be remarkably beneficial and health promoting.



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