Color Energy is one of the most Holistic & Natural Energy with a scientific reasoning behind it, as every colored light has its own frequency & wavelength. It is known fact that light travels in waves. When a human body is exposed to a particular colored light, his/her emotions or bodily functions will be affected in some way or other for e.g. it has been found that when exposed to prolonged Red light a person’s blood pressure rises and the opposite will happen when exposed to a prolonged blue light. Like all other holistic methods, Color Energy focuses on getting on root of the problem and trying to prevent it from happening again rather than merely treating the symptoms, as is the case with the conventional medicine. Although medical experts originally scoffed off Color Energy, it has now become a legitimate healing method. It can be very useful for patients who have found that conventional healing method do not have required effects with their problems.


Color Energy contains energy of the Sun, the life restoring force of the Nature. Color Healing consists of certain molecular reaction that takes place in the organs of the body through different color rays. Color Energy aims to balance and enhance our body’s energy centers/charkas by using the seven colors of the light spectrum, which can help to stimulate our body’s own healing process. Each of the seven colors resonates with one of the main seven charkas. As light is the purest healing force in the universe, pure white light contains all the ingredients necessary to keep every living thing in perfect health. When there is too much of a particularColor Energy in our system, it literally makes us feel “off color” and we need to redress the balance. Color has a profound effect on our moods and emotions. We find some colors as depressing and others uplifting.


Colored light travels to the pituitary, the master gland of the endocrine system affecting our entire metabolism. Our mental state is also directly related to the quality of light we receive through our eyes. Certain colors calm our minds while other stimulates mental activity. Color Energy can be used in conjunction with other system of healing especially with Crystal Power. It has a profound effect on our MIND, BODY and SOUL.


In Joy of Life range of garments we have given due respect & importance to each & every aspect of theMother Nature for that matter we have used each & every color keeping in mind the preventive & curative properties of every color in conjunction with the healing crystals used in that particular garments. Every single garment with Color Energy & crystal power balances a particular Chakra by activating the under activated & deactivating the over activated Chakra. It is a renowned fact that the Color Energy has the best remedies for SAD i.e. Seasonal Affective Disorders.