Chakra is the Sanskrit word, which literally means “Spinning wheel”. The chakras are energy vortices, swirling centers of vibrational energy. They are very powerful energy centers that interact with a whole array of energetic systems running through the body and beyond it to the external energy bodies. The chakras are part of the body’s overall energy system. There are seven major chakras, which are powerhouses of energy, which work with the physical body to energize & to activate it. Each chakra is connected to one of the endocrine glands in the physical body. Five of these chakras are situated inline with the spine and the other two lie between the eyebrows and just above the crown of the head. If unbalanced, they affect the functioning of all the organs related to that gland. When the Chakra system is in balance; the physical body is able to correct itself and heal. Balance and harmony of the Chakra is vital to physical and emotional well-being. We are in a state of ill health when the Chakras are distorted or out of alignment. Color Energy and Crystal Power help in restoring the balance of Chakras.





How our chakra aligning garments help in aligning these Chakra’s

Joy of life™ range of garments have been specifically designed after keeping in view the various chakraaligning properties of Color Therapy & Crystal/Gemstone Therapy. The vibrational frequency of Healing Crystals in conjunction with Color Therapy matches the desired energy level required to balance every majorchakra of our body. With Joy of life range of clothesline you will a unique harmony. The effect can be compared to tuning of a musical instrument. Without tuning, all you can make with the instrument is noise, rather than a harmonious music.