What is the Aura?aura

Aura is the electromagnetic field encircling the human body, which can be seen through Kirlian Photography or Digital Aura Scan. Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy field that surrounds & penetrates the physical body. Aura encircles each of us as the Sun’s rays encircle the Sun or the halo that surrounds the moon. It is the appearance of the Aura, which is either attractive or repulsive, which depends on one’s physical Health, mental attitudes & spiritual development. The aura reflects mental location, health condition and emotional state. It also indicates disease often long before the onset of symptoms.


How our Aura Balancing Garments strengthen Aura?

Joy of lifeā„¢ range of clothesline has been aesthetically designed to strengthen every human body’s aura by its aura balancing garments and aura improving garments in Delhi (India). As immediately after wearing these aura balancing colorful trendy garments, dyed with Natural Dyesalong with Natural anti microbial agents which keeps our body odor away for much longer duration in comparison to other garments & thus helps in improving our body aura. Natural Healing Crystals/ Gemstones, which are renowned for their positive aura & also for absorbing the negative energies from the environment thus these crystal energy garments saves our body from their negative effect.