100% Organic Herbal Garments
All the garments of Joy of Life are processed from a concoction of Neem and Tulsi which are known to have excellent Anti- Microbial, Anti Fungal, Moisture Regulating and Mosquito & Moth Repellent properties.
No Toxins, Ideal Human Skin pH
Microbial Growth Inhibitor, Hygienic & Freshening, Skin Protecting & Rejuvenating.
Self Healing
Guided by traditional wisdom & driven by latest technology
Truly Sustainable Green Technology
Products Tested and Perfected in IIT Delhi
They are completely eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals or effluents produced at any stage of production.


World’s first range of garments designed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Based on the age old principles of natural healing by improving the body’s aura and balancing of chakras, this novel range of garments is designed to boost the body’s natural resistance and healing powers leading to a better quality of life and overall well-being. This unique concept is based on two guiding objectives: Improving the human body’s natural resistance against physical, mental and spiritual problems, i.e. improving the human body’s aura. Improving the human body’s self healing power, i.e. balancing the Chakras. Combining the goodness of natural fabrics, herbal dyes with medicinal properties, natural anti-microbial with the holistic healing powers of colour and crystal therapy, the Joy of LifeTM range of garments will have a profound effect on the physiological system, harmonising the mind, body and soul.


Chakra is the Sanskrit word, which literally means “Spinning wheel”. The chakras are energy vortices, swirling centers of vibrational energy.

Color Energy

Color Energy is one of the most Holistic & Natural Energy with a scientific reasoning behind it, as every colored light has its own frequency & wavelength.


Aura is the electromagnetic field encircling the human body, which can be seen through Kirlian Photography or Digital Aura Scan.

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